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one of three small books * PRE-ORDER *


i made a bunch of books, do you want one? each of them was hand-drawn and the covers are painted in nice colors.

because they were all drawn by hand none of them are exactly the same, but they come in three different flavors: tele, smoker's section, or daytime moon.
if you have a preference as to which comic you would rather have, choose the one you want from that little list over there. if i am out of that book i'll contact you about your second choice. if you are just interested in looking at pretty pictures, and don't really care which one you get, please choose "surprise me". if you have a heart condition please do not choose surprise me. i do not want to be responsible for that kind of thing, you know?

here are the basic stories, but i'm trying not to give too much away. each book's iterations will be quite different, anyway, but just in case you're curious, here they are:

tele: something weird is going on at the library and i have a sword

smoker's section: get me out of this swimming pool, why are there wasps in here

daytime moon: if i am a good soldier will i be allowed to keep my soul?

these are more expensive than usual because they took a lot of time to make. i apologize.

each of these books was made by the hardworking pressman at sin nombre press